Sayre, Jay


Dr. Sayre is an Assistant Vice President in the Office of Research and the Director of Innovation for the Institute for Materials Research at The Ohio State University. He leads the translation of knowledge and assets from the Institute to the market. He is also a Research Associate Professor with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, where his interdisciplinary research interests are based in innovation and translating science into products through applied research and polymer engineering science.


Prior to joining Ohio State, Dr. Sayre held the positions of Director of Advanced Materials and Internal Research and Development at Battelle Memorial Institute.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech

M.S. Polymer Engineering, University of Tennessee

Ph.D. Materials Engineering Science, Virginia Tech

Honors and appointments


Dr. Sayre's interdisciplinary research interests are in translating science and technology into products within the fields of applied mechanics and materials engineering. He is especially focused on applied polymer engineering science, which is the application of scientific principles across various disciplines to solve problems enabled by polymers.

This includes:
  • fuel cells
  • polymer composites
  • failure analysis
  • dynamic mechanical analysis
  • multifunctional materials
  • energy absorbing materials
His work on polymer composites is focused on multifunctional composites (energy generation and survivability), electrochemical composites (fuel cells and electroactive polymer actuators), and survivability (advanced threat armor composites).

Energy Innovation Lab (EIL)

EIL is the primary lab where Dr. Sayre conducts his research. Innovations in energy storage systems requires integrating diverse knowledge from multidisciplinary teams. Through the Energy Innovation Lab, faculty, staff and students who share this vision are dedicated to defining current issues on electrochemical energy storage/ conversion devices, as well as innovating the materials and systems to develop future energy technologies. The vision of this lab is for innovation to inform research opportunities while serving as a hub for a vibrant, interdisciplinary innovation community. The Innovation Lab is located at Nanotech West, and it is fully operated by IMR. 
Sayre's work to date has resulted in numerous invention reports, patents, and patent applications. He is an inventor of several commercialized technologies in the areas of fuel cells, impact barriers and vehicle armor.

Mike Huson, IMR Communications Coordinator  |  April 22, 2021

"Ohio State’s Institute for Materials Research (IMR) worked with Honda to focus the research direction for multiple projects and shape the overall strategy to further energy experimentation.

The relationship grew from an energy agreement signed last year by Ohio State and Honda that secured nearly half a million dollars in financial support to further experimental energy systems research at the university...So far, it has helped launch more than a dozen new research projects that focus on topics ranging from advanced battery development to advanced joining."

'This mutually beneficial agreement with Honda will further efforts at Ohio State that explore new energy storage and conversion devices capable of helping create a sustainable future through research, education and collaboration.' -  IMR Director of Innovation Jay Sayre.


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